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Executive Protection

Wise Protective Services(WPS) provides comprehensive security services with highly trained professional agents that have strong field experience, a global network of local authorities, and a certified knowledge of innovative strategies.  When it comes to our services, it’s about our clients and protection of one’s assets.

We are a discreet and professional service that uses the highest industry standards.  WPS takes pride in servicing VIP clients and individuals who may be targeted and exposed to personal risk due to net worth, status, affiliations, etc.  Our main goal is to mitigate risk of potential known and unknown threats.WPS consists of former Federal Agents (USSS-Secret Service), current and former local law enforcement officers, and security specialists that have the highest level of training.We have provided security details, security assessments, and recruitment for individuals, corporate, and institutional clients all over the globe.

We are here to protect you and provide the following services in order to complete our mission:

You want privacy and mobility, but you know you need protection. As a high-profile individual, your security is the last thing you want to worry about.  Your personal well-being and peace of mind is our priority.
Our team provides discreet, confidential, and experienced services in the following areas:

  • Bodyguard
  • Security (Armed/Unarmed)
  • Off-Duty Security
  • Security Escorts
  • Travel Coordination
  • Valuable Assets Escort